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Learning to Sing is fun.

If you have studied Voice and found it to be confusing and complicated, leaving you intimidated and self conscious, then you've studied the wrong Technique.

Learning to Sing takes time and effort.

Like any Instrument, the consistent practice of proper Technique is required to Master Singing.

The Foundation of Vocal Work

Power: Voice is a wind instrument. Vocalization begins with breath.

Placement: The body and head are resonation chambers.

Pitch: Note reproduction.

Pronunciation: Proper use of mouth shapes, tongue and lips.

Presence: Connection to your audience.


Most of what is required for vocal work, comes from this Foundation. The Maddex Vocal Technique, is designed to provide solid fundamentals upon which to build your Vocal style.

The Maddex Vocal Technique was deleoped by me over the last 35 years of my teaching career. When I started teaching, I used the standard techniques of the time and found then to be lacking when it came to teaching styles other than Classical. It is very easy to understand and apply.

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